Rebecca BlackEdit


Pick a damn seat already!

Rebecca Black is a singer that has no friends and can't a write a song if she was Jimmy Urine. She wrote a song called "Friday" it's about being a typical teen bitch by going to a party, someone putting booze in the punch, and someone ends up pregnant. Only problem was that it was autotuned but her voice sounds like herpes, with autotune she sounds like AIDS. This song got so much hate Rebecca Black was on the mother fucking news. Also, it spawned so many parodies that are OVER 9000 THOUSAND times better than the original. She made another song call "My Moment" and guess what? It was just as bad as the first song. WTF is wrong with this bitch!!

Cocaine + Rebecca Black = Worst Friday ever!!111

Only in America could there be shitty pop stars who fucking sing shitty songs and other bullshit. But to make my life worst she's a fan of Justin Bieber and wants to do a duet with him because she's got "Bieber Fever" She better take her ass to the damn doctors and gets some Meds....Oh, yeah. That's how she wrote that shitty song.