ShadowStar1224 is a boring transgender with a mental problem where he (or she) always have to

Boring, ain't it

be right and can never be wrong. He's very nitpicky and will literally, bore you to with his monotone voice.

It has been proven that he can not take criticism (unless it's sugar coated) because it's hurts his feelings, wait, WHAT FEELINGS?! Listen to his voice an then me he has some emotion.

He is also a Sonic fag, he has defending Sonic games, no wait, SHITTY Sonic games such as Shadow the Hedgehog, Sonic and the Black Knight, and Sonic 06. Who the hell defends Sonic 06?

ShadowStar1224 Gets OWNEDEdit

A person named Slaphappygam3r has done multiple commentaries on ShadowStar1224 and to prove how butthurt he is, he put Slappygam3r on a prayer list.
Prayer list
But She owned him so hard that her name was wiped off that gay ass prayer list.
Prayer list update

But many have owned ShadowStar1224. But ShadowStar is That fucking butthurt.

Fail troll is a Mother fucking FailureEdit

ShadowStar is also the worst troll ever. He believes video tags can be used for trolling, but and anyone who saw his shitty one shot where "Troll like a Pro" could tell he was butthurt as all hell.