U mad, mother fucker?

Trolls== Trolls are mindless puppets who types up bullshit to piss off morons who take the internet seriously. And ask the most fucked up, yet the funniest question ever, U mad Bro? or Problem?

Trolls are everywhere, they mostly appear on internet. The best Way to kill a troll is to ignore them but fags who fail for the troll bait make it impossible to get rid of them. But who said we wanted to?

How to Troll a TrollEdit

This is a very difficult process but follow these steps to sucessfully troll a troll.

Step 1:

When you spot a troll try to capture it

Troll: Pokemon is gay

Pokemon Fan: Obvious troll is Obvious.

Troll: I'm not a friggin troll!!!!!111!!!

Pokemon Fan: Fail troll is Fail


Step 2:

Do not fight the troll, fight with it

Troll: Sonic sux

Internet User: I agree


Step 3:

Ignore the Troll

Troll: You Fail at life

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Troll: Forever Alone.